My vision for Oro Valley is an inclusive, multi-generational community

embracing residential, commercial, artistic and leisure activities 

while supporting wisely managed expansion benefiting the community 

in a safe and secure environment.

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Public safety 


What matters most is public safety. That is Job 1. Bringing our police force to a level that fully ensures we remain the safest place to live in Arizona is critical. If residents of Oro Valley do not feel safe, then Oro Valley will not continue to be a desirable place to live.


Former Oro Valley Police Chief Danny Sharp, together with an excellent group of officers, were the prime architects that made Oro Valley the safest place to live in Arizona. Using his staffing formula, Oro Valley is presently 14 full-time officers below the level it should be in order to maintain and ensure it continues to be the safest place to live in Arizona.


Revenue enhancement 


Without growth things atrophy, but we can re-imagine how we use our spaces and how we can work together. Economic expansion is critical to the health of Oro Valley and the surrounding region. Employers bring quality job opportunities that, in turn, draw a talented and diverse workforce. This larger workforce will mean an increase in local spending which helps fund the services, facilities, and infrastructure Oro Valley residents expect. 


Development, both commercial and residential, needs to be a viable part of the strategic plan for Oro Valley’s future. I believe that a brighter, stronger future for Oro Valley depends on wisely managed expansion.


Open and transparent decisions 


The current Town Council has held more meetings behind closed doors than any recent Council. This is a record to which no Council should aspire. Holding private executive sessions behind closed doors must be kept to the bare minimum. Residents of Oro Valley have a right to see our local government publicly at work and not potentially in violation of the Arizona Open Meeting law. 


The Town Council needs to be responsive to residents of Oro Valley and that means the business conducted by the Council is open to public scrutiny. I will encourage a congenial and collaborative environment that strongly supports open and full disclosure. Residents of Oro Valley need to see our local government at work—it is their right. 



Vision that looks beyond the horizon 


Actions and decisions have consequences. Planning for next year is important but it is even more important to look beyond that short horizon to envision where we will be 10 or more years in the future. Oro Valley needs to elect members to Town Council who embrace a long-term vision and who can communicate that vision to the public. 


I am focused on the future and I am determined to give Oro Valley residents a better understanding about the short and long-term consequences surrounding issues and solutions considered by the Council. I am committed to getting our town on the right track towards a better tomorrow.