Charlie has the right skill set, temperament and experience to be a valuable voice on the Oro Valley Town Council. Right now Oro Valley needs someone who understands the importance of accountability, is an expert with budgets and can turn a deficit into a surplus. We need Charlie.

"We have to manage change, and we have to manage it wisely.  Our challenge will be to find a balance between addressing current issues and the long-term impact of our decisions."


As a a former dean and professor at several major universities, Charlie Hurt understands that real leadership is founded on genuine accountability. He has a reputation for fostering an open and welcoming work environment and for presenting his ideas and decisions clearly. He has written numerous strategic plans, several books, and dozens of research articles. Charlie’s legacy of work stands out not just for his dedication to fiscal responsibility but also for his ability to identify and manage streams of revenue.


He was on the faculty at The University of Arizona from 1986 through 2002 and a resident of Oro Valley from 1994 through 2002. He retired from the University of Wisconsin in 2014 and returned to Oro Valley. He has significant expertise with large complex budgets and is “a numbers person.” He is a proven leader with the skills necessary to bring people together despite differing perspectives.

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Charlie lived in Oro Valley from 1994 to 2002 and returned here with his wife, Susan, after he retired in 2014. From 2015 through 2018 Charlie was an appointed member of the Oro Valley Planning and Zoning Commission and served for four years, two years as chair. He was then appointed to the Oro Valley Water Utility Commission from 2019 through 2022 where he served for three years, one year as chair. He resigned from the Water Utility Commission in January 2022 when he became a candidate for Town Council. 


Those years of service to our community have given him extensive experience with critical issues facing our town. 


“As a member and chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission I have learned a great deal from Town staff, the public, developers, and consultants about the process, the legal issues, and the expectations of our community. This meant that recommendations from the Commission to Town Council needed to be well-reasoned and strike a balance for the best use of the available land in the Town. Of note is my attention to the Town’s General Plan and to the Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance. 


My time spent on the Water Commission allowed me to see the intricacies of water management for the Town. The Town is in an excellent position regarding water. The Water Utility has made tactical and strategic decisions that ensure Oro Valley residents have and will continue to have the water they need. The Northwest Recharge, Recovery and Delivery Project, a joint project with Marana and Metro Water to bring Colorado River water to Oro Valley, is one example of the projects approved by the Commission. Balancing the water needs of the Town with the costs of water to the Utility required significant modeling of past, present, and future needs. 


Whether the intricate analyses of water use and conservation or the balancing of competing agendas regarding land use, I have learned how the most significant resource issues, land and water, have an impact on our Town. I believe these experiences markedly distinguish me from other candidates and give me a significant advantage as a potential member of Town Council.”

When not serving as a volunteer on Town of Oro Valley commissions, Charlie enjoys getting together with friends, playing golf, tinkering with computers, taking long walks, and grilling outside while enjoying majestic Pusch Ridge.