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Dialing For Dollars

Dialing for dollars is a lot like knocking on peoples’ doors to ask for signatures. For most people the act of signing a petition indicating they have no objection to allowing my name to appear on the ballot is painless. However, asking Oro Valley residents to donate to my campaign is not in the same comfort zone and a whole different calculus comes into play. As a former dean part of my job included asking people for money, so I am familiar with the process and the success rate that I might expect.

My asking for financial support is working out well. I am pleasantly surprised by the clear, positive responses I am receiving. Once the value of my candidacy became evident to people, many more people than I anticipated are generously agreeing help fund my campaign. They not only give money, they also offer their encouragement and good wishes. Many are thanking me, not only for running for Town Council, but also for my fresh perspective on ways to address issues in Oro Valley.

As you read this, if I have not yet reached out to you, let me apologize and let me remedy that oversight now. I am inviting you to show your support for my candidacy by using the donate button or, if you prefer, by sending a check to the address on the website. Even if you choose not to donate at this time, your encouragement and best wishes are gratefully accepted.

On to the next phone call!


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