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Updated: Feb 7

A former Professor, Dean, and traveler jumps into the world of local politics...

After a career in the world of academics, I'm no stranger to writing. But this will be the first time I've dedicated myself to writing in a blog fashion, so it will be a new undertaking for me.

However, it's all in service of a good cause, and the stakes are high, not just for me personally, but for the community we all live in and hold so dear.

Most of us have thoughts, positive or negative, about national politics. What we do here on a local level, however, has a direct impact on our community, quality of life, and our future. That's why I'm putting myself out there for a candidate for Oro Valley Town Council.

My Promise To You

I've never run for office before, so I am not entirely sure what the next few months may hold in store during this campaign. But I'd like to make a promise to you and anyone else who cares to listen that this campaign will always be conducted with integrity, honesty, and in good faith that the best ideas will win out in the long run. Every candidate should have nothing but the best interests of the community at heart, even if we bring very different ideas to the table. I look forward to a season of spirited debate, and the development of a healthy conversation that I hope will be engaging and enlightening, and that the whole community can feel included in.

Thank You

I'm excited to be starting off this campaign, and for the chance to assist this wonderful community as a member of Town Council. I do it not just because of the natural beauty of the town we live in, but because of all the wonderful friends and neighbors I've made since moving back to Southern Arizona. Life is all about the people you meet along the way, and I feel extremely fortunate to be in a community like this!

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